Monday, August 6, 2007

Some Interesting Artifacts

An ancient maniple with an image of the apostle John. A maniple is worn on the wrist as a symbol of the ropes with which Christ was bound and as a sign of perseverance and penitence. I've yet to figure out why the wearing of the maniple has become so rare since 1970.

A classic image of a ciborium.

A rather beat up fifth century ciborium.

A 12th century ciborium.

Part of the 12th century Warwick Ciborium.


Laura O. said...

Thats fly honey, I love the image of John!

Bergen said...

I love the artifacts I wish to be an arcaeoligist when I grow up!! f.y.i. I am nine

Bergen said...

I am making a report on these artifacts. And I am having fun!!